LTE in China – Ready for take off?

LTE is gaining momentum in numerous countries worldwide and China will soon launch its first commercial LTE services.

Within our ongoing-monitoring of LTE related topics and key indicators, this insight dedicated to the Chinese LTE market provides its readers with the current market status – technologies deployed and spectrum used – and detailed case studies on the main Chinese MNOs.

• How is the current status of LTE network deployment in China? What technologies are deployed by which operator? What is the spectrum used?
• Why TD-LTE has been chosen for the Chinese LTE deployments? Is this choice a national or a global trend?
• What are the critical issues for spectrum, licensing, handsets, baseband chipsets, BTS sites, demand, service rate and balance?

1 Industry moves in October 2012
1.1. SoftBank and Sprint
1.2. DT expects to close TMobile/MetroPCS deal in Q2
1.3. Verizon postponing VoLTE service until 2014
1.4. AT&T 2.3 GHz band
1.5. EE will launch first UK 4G service on 30 October
1.6. Spanish operator to launch 2.6 GHz TD-LTE in Murcia
1.7. Apple adds ‘global’ LTE bands to the iPad
1.8. IDATE’s take on LTE in October
2 LTE in China
2.1. Market Status
2.1.1. Field Testing
2.1.2. LTE Spectrum
2.1.3. Demonstrations
2.1.4. LTE in Hong Kong
2.1.5. GTI
2.2. Why TD-LTE?
2.2.1. Slow 3G Growth
2.2.2. The Plight of China Mobile
2.2.3. Technical Considerations
2.2.4. Financial Incentives
2.3. Acceleration
2.4. China Unicom and China Telecom
2.4.1. China Unicom
2.4.2. China Telecom
2.5. Critical Issues

Figures & tables
Table 1: LTE frequency bands for the two new versions of the iPad
Table 2: LTE frequency bands for the various versions of the iPhone5
Table 3: First-phase testing sites and assignments
Table 4: Spectrum Assignment for LTE Testing

Figure 1: TD-LTE Testing Sites
Figure 2: 3G Subscribers -China Mobile vs. rivals
Figure 3: 3G Market share, by operator
Figure 4: Growth of revenue, profit and customers

For further information, please visit : LTE in China – Ready for take off?


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